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A selection of your favourite American Apparel basics are now available online!

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The Kills love Meadowlark…and so do we!

Meadowlark caught up with The Kills while they were in Auckland for their show last Thursday and gave them some jewellery.

Alison chose a bunch of stuff that she liked including the studded bracelet and studs, a gold serpent cocktail ring with onyx and the large dagger pendant in gold. Jamie chose the anchor pendant…

Check out the cool pics of them below:

Meadowlark is in store and online now!






Recession Friendly Jewellery?

All this talk of recession, and the bleak economic outlook of our futures, has taken the unexpected and rather optimistic form of providing inspiration for Auckland based jewellery designers Meadowlark’s latest collection.

With their new range, entitled ‘Mini’, Meadowlark have re invented and downscaled some of their most iconic designs into affordable and detailed jewellery pieces.

The sterling silver ‘Mini’ range translates the brand’s signature swallow, diamond and heart pendants into classic, high quality jewellery pieces at recession friendly prices.

The highly coveted serpent snake ring can now be worn as a single band, while the chunky skull rings’ little sister makes its debut in this Mini collection.

The continuing Meadowlark battle between good and evil rages on with the juxtaposition of love hearts, swallows, bejewelled skulls and serpents- coming to a front with the standout piece from the collection- the charm bracelet.

We think this cute new range puts a refreshing upturn on the current downturn, and perhaps will help take a little bit of the guilt out of your next jewellery purchase!

Available in store and online at now!

Mead1 Mea2

Mea3 Mea4

Deadly Ponies

Warrior Worshippers.

Residing deep in the Valley of Mexico in the 12-16th Century was a group of Aztecs, who with their dark, ancient army, were equally feared for their skills as they were recognised for their elaborate costumes made from animal hides and eagle feathers.
Such ancient armies, their crafts, lifestyle, and colours provided the inspirational platform for Deadly Ponies Winter 2009 collection Pestle & Mortar’

Earthy ivory and army tones, vibrant blues, and pumpkin orange shades offset the deep ebony blacks used throughout the collection and conjure up images of an eternity spent under the sun living the ancient Aztec ways of life.

This seasons key pieces are described as having only the necessity surviving- the shapes and textures of this collection take on a naïve and simplistic form, from small satchels to pouches, to the easy to use clasp and clips that personalise the individual bags.

Aztec Warriors are referenced through Deadly Ponies quirky signature bag adornments, with this season seeing hanging brass ducks feet and even a rabbit fur mask protecting the entrance to a large oversized tote bag.

With the range expanding this season into woollen knit wear and leather jumpers, as well as army harness type belts, we think you better get ready for a fight…because this winter is going to be deadly.

The 2nd winter range has just arrived in store now and in our E-Boutique, check out a sneak preview below!

Left to Right: Mr Bunny, Mr Armadillo, Mr Book Bag and Mr Kayak





Skinny Nelson and Friends

The Grass is certainly greener…

A new addition to the Superette family this winter, Skinny Nelson and Friends is a contemporary brand, where the grass is certainly greener (thanks to their chemical free philosophy). With Skinny Nelson and Friends you’ll find organic basic clothing that blurs the boundaries between boy and girl, day and night and staying in or hitting the town.

With a name that’s hard to forget, Skinny Nelson and Friends’ origin denotes the true lifestyle nature of the brand- the name derives from drinking too many ‘Skinny’ lattes on ‘Nelson’ street. While there may not be anything too deep and philosophical about that…there is not too much deep and philosophical about basic garments- they are what they are, and Skinny Nelson certainly does them well.

Bought together by friends Jacqui Alexander and Zachary Midalia- the ‘Friends’ part of the name refers to the wide variety of creative and consultative involvement from by friends, ranging from photographers, to models and more.

Skinny Nelson and Friends is a sustainable brand that works towards building a business that contributes positively to the world rather than damaging it- using 100% organic cotton in all their items, Skinny Nelson and Friends takes a realistic approach to consumerist habits of the modern lifestyle, providing the opportunity for people to make a consumerist choice with a conscience. Skinny Nelson and Friends works on the idea that you can ‘buy better’ whilst still looking good.

Skinny Nelson and Friends organic theme extends right through to the branding of the product- from a quirky and oversized swing tag, to an eye catching recycled cardboard hanger, the brand has a unique brand personality that makes a lasting impression.

The collection is broken up into top, bottom and middle pieces at an accessible price point with almost every combination of items working together; the ‘Skinny’ Style is all about mix and match, tailoring the basics to suit your individual style.

Available in store and online now!

Skinny1 Skinny2

Alice McCall

Alice in Insect Land

The second drop of Alice McCall Winter 09’ collection ‘Some are not Insects’ has just arrived in-store!

With this winter collection, which was recently showcased in McCall’s New York runway debut, the Australian designer delves into the world of fantasy this season, and draws her inspiration from the aesthetic of insects.

And who knew this world could be so beautiful? Alice McCall takes the repulsiveness that many might find in the insect world, and turns it into a totally wearable, edgy, yet feminine winter collection.

These fans of McCall know that her range names tend to be rather outrageous – from High on Rebellion, to The Voyant Lovers, McCall says the challenge for her is to stay true to the initial inspiration.

“With the ‘Some are not Insects collection, it was B grade sci-fi movies with giant killer insects to biologic insect terminology," says McCall.

The miniature world of insects is unveiled through extreme magnification of the contours and outlines of the creatures, with patterns transformed onto delicate silks and weightless knits. McCall has even knitted sequins vertically into silk to create a different texture and light compositions, reflective of the shell of a beetle.

Bug themes weave through this winter’s collection, with delicate moth outlines and microdot flocked prints of ant farms, big bold yellow beetles and traces of cicada wings.

n a challenge to the traditional convention of print, the collection features a bespoke, embroidered lace, complete with impressions of 1950’s sci-fi comic strip horror films: Giant spiders and preying mantis creatures stalk screaming women.

As always, Alice’s McCall presents a collection of sure to be cult classics and instant favourites. McCall’s quirk, combined with modern silhouettes and current trends such as fringing and colour blocking in addition to her signature feminine details like bustier tops and cut out detailing create a fantasy collection that is well worth taking a look at!

Check out the new range at

alice1 alice2


Ksubi in Japan

Turning Japanese

Check out the latest Ksubi press as featured in the hip Japanese mag East Touch.

(although you may not be able to translate…the pics are pretty enough on their own!l)

Enjoy!! xx







Lets Hear it for the Boys!

Finally, the beginnning of our Winter 09′ mens collection is starting to arrive! FLUX tees and jeans, new PAM styles and the second delivery of Bassike has just hit the floor so do pop down and have a look- we would love to see you!

A selection of tees and jeans is also available now online at

flux flux2

Pictured Above: Flux Art Stripes Tee and Flux Bedroom Eyes Tee

wolf jeans

PIctured Above: Flux Howling Tee, Flux Hetfield Jeans.

flux2 bassike

 Pictured Above: Flux Jeans, Bassike Check Shirt.

Therese Rawsthorne

Therese Rawsthorne

With stints working at both Issey Miyake and Oswald Boateng in London under her belt, Therese Rawsthorne returned to Australia in 2003 with aspirations of setting up her own fashion label. Two years later, Rawsthorne’s debut label Youth World was born.

After three successful seasons designing under her Youth World label, Therese Rawsthorne re-branded her cult Sydney-based fashion brand under her own name.

Her namesake label ,Therese Rawsthorne, continues on with a design aesthetic of modern classics that remains unchanged. Rawsthorne’s Winter 09’ Collection ‘The Greatest Bareback Rider Of Them All’ is a little bit rock chick and a little bit girly ballerina- tailored long blazers,leather, soft pastel colours combined with just the right amount of frills and ruffles makes this collection both directional and everyday wearable.

We are very excited about this new addition to the Superette family and no doubt you will be too…

Check out the preview below. Delivery is expected 2nd Week of April- Pre Orders Available online now!


popcorn tightrope