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All your favourite styles: The ‘Fill N Zip’,’Mr Bone Mailman’, ‘Mr Sling’ and ‘Mr Patchwork Sling’ have been exclusivly recut this winter for Superette customers. Get in quick, these will be gone before you know it!!

 And just to tempt you a little more…









Kate Moss Loves SUPERFINE.

High up on the roster of loyal Superfine customers is Kate Moss…check out the latest pics of Kate and her Superfine jeans below.

Superfine denim was born in 2003 by designers Lucy Pinter and Flora Evans. Sick of the repetitive saturation of heavy, over-embellished jeans in the denim world, the London-based duo set out to design andcreate simple and luxurious jeans with a rock and roll attitude.

The fabric is soft to the touch and the subtle (super)fine detailing in the form of gold buttons and clean branding is just right.

Come and check out the new Superfine styles we have in-store at Superette now!



Meadowlark have done it again…

With the addition of individual charms to the Mini Collection, Meadowlark now offers their favourite styles in cute single charms, and as necklaces on fine chains.

Stay tuned for more designs….as new charm styles are also intended to be added!

In-store now!


Flux Jeans

Who said girls couldn’t wear boys jeans?

Quite possibly the coolest light blue ripped jeans we have seen in a long time! We have been obsessively trying on these jeans now for weeks ( so much so that you will no doubt see a few of us wearing our newly purchased pair next time you pop into the shop). Perfectly Light, perfectly ripped, and perfectly slouchy and comfortable! 

Sorry boys, but if you’re not quick, these new jeans from Flux will be snapped up by all the girls!


Ksubi Tees

Need we say more?

 Ksubi’s signature bold and outspoken oversized tees are a hit every season and this new lot that has just hit the floor are no exception. We think they speak rather well for themselves…don’t you agree?

The new Ksubi tees are available online at and in-store.

Loser Fuckyeah





Toy Watch

Luxurious and affordable…

Dubbed the Rolex of the plastic watch, the lightweight, oversized  ‘Toy Watch’ was founded in 2006 by Milan-based designer and wristwatch aficionado Marco Mavilla.  An anti-luxury statement in a luxury obsessed culture, Toy Watches have since become the “it” wristwatch and the “must-have” item among influentials and tastemakers around the world.

The Toy Watch is not just a fashion accessory; Inspired by the classic Swiss designs, it not only looks cool but also serves its practical purpose of telling the time accurately. Designed in Italy, using Miyota Quartz Movement, these watches are both pioneering and indispensable. They use a mix of materials, from ageless classical steel to high-strength, ultra-light, high-tech polycarbonate.

The watches from the Toy Watch Company are based on two of Rolex finest and most collectable models; the Submariner (as worn by special agent Mr Bond James Bond), and the Daytona, made famous by Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman). Some of the watches also closely resemble the Chanel J12.

The watches have featured on Oprah’s ‘Favourite Things’ list, and The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Fans of Toy Watches include Oprah, Madonna, Sienna Miller, Elle Macpherson, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson, Uma Thurman, Katie Holmes and Michael Jordan.

Superette is the exclusive NZ stockist of Toy Watches.  The watches range in price from $399 to $889.



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