State of Flux…

Flux is one of these labels that often goes amiss due to the simple fact that the stock sells out so fast that people don’t even get a chance to see it! They do wicked jeans and basic fashion pieces but what they do best is T-shirts! Great cut, super soft fabric and sweet prints…

We have just put their new season styles up for pre order online! So check it out to ensure you don’t miss out!

P.s. The trackies look hot on the birds too!

Check out the new Flux here

White just feels right…

So I know we have been all over white denim of late…but with the winter days being so dull and dark a little burst of white just feels right. So we are turning to the lighter shades of denim to brighten up our winter wardrobes. And what better way than with Nudie’s new injection range that has just hit the Superette shores.

Think pale indigo, bleached out by the sun until it is almost white, and a guys white denim jacket that every girl here has been fighting over here since it arrived! ( FYI it is small fitting, so ladies it is just perfect too!)

Shop Nudie here

Winter is…with Therese Rawsthorne

Whimsical, delicate, and the prettiest palette of pastels we have seen this season…Therese Rawsthorne’s winter collection is the perfect antidote to the winter blues.  Like all Therese’s collections, the pieces are super wearable ( not to mention, super covetable!) season after season, so they sit just as perfectly in your summer wardrobe as they will in your winter ( I have yet to find a better layering piece than her drop pocket dress!)

But for now, we talk winter with the lovely lady herself…

Part three…Therese Rawsthorne on bonfires, snowmen, and ‘scrap’.

5 things I can’t live without…

1. Giant woolly scarves
2. my puppy Scrap, she is a great blanket on the couch for cold winter nights

3. hot chocolate
4. my fave Margelia coat, have had for years and its the best
5. a bonfire

I escape the winter blues with…

I live in a freezing warehouse with a concrete floor that averages about 12 degrees inside, so I love going to the steam room at the local pool to pretend i am in Jamaica every now and then

In winter I live in…
So many layers i look like a snowman!
Dream winter getaway…

I always have to have a mid winter get away around October after I finish the new range.. this year my BF is keen to go diving in Borneo..! sounds good to me!

On cold winter mornings you’ll find me…

Walking the dog to get the blood circulating

And nights?

Drinking wine with friends, hopefully in front of a fire

Check out Therese’s amazing collection ‘Intimacy’ in store now and online here

Sarah Jessica Parker hearts Bassike too…

It’s no secret here how much we love the Aussie eco-friendly brand Bassike here at Superette however we sure ain’t the only ones! In the midst of Sex and the City madness it appears Miss Carrie Bradshaw ( a.k.a Sarah Jessica Parker) does too! For someone who would quite obviously have her pick of designer clothes to wear ( The Sex and the City girls pretty much get to keep anything they want from the movie’s costume department according to the E!’s behind the scenes I was watching this weekend! hehe), so we were quite impressed when we got this pic!

SJP was spotted leaving a recent Sex and the City 2 press conference in New York wearing Bassike’s ‘Dot’ logo tee. Not only did she wear the T-shirt ( gifted to her by a friend of the brand in the US) but she personally rang Bassike’s head office in Palm Beach to tell them how much she loved the clothes and asked if she could place an order!

We have it on good authority that the staff member who took the call initially thought it was a joke! However, en route to Parker now are a haul of Bassike goodies- including their slimrise jeans, Scoop tees, the lightweight crew sweater, and the denim jacket.

We have a small run of the now infamous tee available online! Check it out here.


Two more goodies…

Only a few more days to go!!

Get snapping. It’s a huge prize on offer, what have you got to lose!!

Hot! Jeremy Scott for Ksubi checkerboard jeans.

The infamous Stolen Girlfriends Club ‘Wolf’ Coat. This girl was lucky to get her hands on one!

Winter is…with Claire and Greg from Meadowlark

While we are on our accessories buzz here, what better way to top it off than a wee interview with two of our favourite accessories designers. Claire and Greg are the very talented due behind the Meadowlark jewellery brand. Check out their winter wishes below x

Part Two…Claire and Greg from Meadowlark on cats, couches and drinking scotch!

5 things we can’t get through winter without…
1. A pile of books
2. Our leopard hot water bottle
3. Cups of tea or hot chocolate
4.  Cups of scotch
5. Vitamin C

We escape the winter blues with…

Any or all of the above, or movies, or drinks at the pub.
 In winter I live in my…
Claire: Fortunes Fool wooly cardigan, I have worn it out, it’s time for a new one!
Greg: pyjamas
Dream winter getaway…

Anywhere hot! We are planning to go to Vietnam soon for our honeymoon so the dream will come true!

On cold winter mornings you’ll find us…
Claire: Still in bed, struggling to get up and face the cold!
Greg: wrapped around a hot cup of coffee/cat/heater.

And nights…?
Greg: pretty much the same as above, except swap the coffee for the scotch.
Claire: If we are not out and about we will be on the couch under a blanket watching TV. 

Accessories bonanza!!

Just like winter layers, we have come to the consensus that when it comes to accessories, the more the better…

So to sort you out with this, we have heaps of amazing new bracelets and studded wraps, as well as warm winter scarfs and hats in store.

Check out some below…as well as our blinged out wrists. Even the boys too! (or boy).

Come and check them out! x

Deadly Ponies stampede…

At the risk of starting a potential stampede… we couldn’t keep this from you!! The Mr Sling bag is back!! And due to the overwhelming success of the favourite style this winter ( our winter lot have been sold out for months and haven’t even arrived yet…and there is a wait-list for miles. Talk about most wanted!

We have just put the summer drop up for pre-order, you if you missed out last time (most of you I am guessing), we suggest you pre order now!! Delivery is mid August for this coveted wee bag.


Wildfox love.

Every girl has to have a little Wildfox love in their wardrobes!

The softest and most comfortable tees and sweatshirts! Plus super cute prints too.

Check out the new styles soon to be hitting the stores! That’s if they don’t sell out first…we are loving the 90’s Barbie-inspired lookbook shoot too…

Pre order new Wildfox here. Arriving early June!