Into at the mo…

Hanging plants.

We’re all about bringing a little of the outside in…

Bill Henson photographs.

I have been a big fan of Bill Hensons work ever since I came across it studying photography at school. Anyone that knows me knows I have a bit of a thing for skyscapes..sunrises and sunsets and what not, so I guess this may explain why I love his work so much. His photographs explore twilight zones- the ambiguous spaces between night and day, and light and dark. I have been desperately trying to track down a copy of his Mnemosyne retrospective book for a while now. It is out of print and goes for ridiculous amounts on Ebay so I think it may be a lost cause.

Camilla and Marc jewellery.

This season sees the camilla and marc collection getting even hotter with the addition of their debut accessories line. Think chunky gold rings and layered bracelets inspired by tribal cultures. While global influences are nothing new to the Aussie design duo, this new jewellery collection takes the aesthetic to a place we can agree with- thats on our wrists and fingers thanks! The collection is set to hit stores later this month.

Power Cuts.

Usually less than ideal. However, when it happens on a Sunday eve, we don’t mind it so much. In fact, the TV off thing is something we should do more often. It forces you to find entertainment in other things rather than the routine Sunday night movie (Which is usually rubbish anyway). We played Scattergories last night when our power went off. Board games are so underrated. Board games by candlelight even more so. At the risk of sounding like an ad for Earth Hour…Take the time to switch off. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

i- D Magazine’s 30th birthday issue.

The August issue marks the 30th anniversay celebration of i- D. Get your copy NOW. With more big names than we can begin to list and three amazing cover stars ( Kate is our obvious fave but Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga aren’t half bad either)- its jam packed full of birthday goodies. Shot entirely in black and white, the standout photo project that was conducted over 3 weeks to celebrate the birthday features over 200 celebrities including Lara Stone, The XX, Gareth Pugh and Phoebe Philo and is sure the makings of a collectors issue. 

Boardwalk push bike rides. Bike rides along the boardwalk. The kind of activity that requires some sort of movie-like soundtrack don’t you think? (two epic summer anthems come to mind below…) James is in the Gold Coast, so bike rides on the boardwalk are a little more of a reality in the sunshine there…but they are not such a distant thought for us now!

The Runaways

If you haven’t seen this movie yet…then pop it straight at the top of your list. One thing that you can guarantee about seeing The Runaways ( about the groundbreaking 70’s all girl rock band) is that its going to make you fall back in love with the 70’s fashion, and in short, make you wish you were much, much cooler.

While music may be the starring role in the film, fashion is certainly a close second. We’re talking more rock and roll seventies than Marsha Brady…and it’s sure inspired us to toughen up our look. Blue jeans, chambray shirts, vans authentics, aviator sunnies and ripped rock tees…oh the list could go on. A few of our pics below…

Above: Friend of Mine Calamity Shirt and Marley tee
Above: Ksubi Spray On in Grease and Classic Jacket in Vintage Eagle
Above: Vans Authentics and Wildfox USA Slash Rock tee

Pocahontas luxe.

Luxury bohemian meets little indian girl…an combination only Sass & Bide could get so right.

The amazing ‘I am the Sea’ dress from Sass and Bide just arrived which features the standout feather neckpiece you see in the press pictures below. Inspired by tribal neck-pieces, the feathers are hand sewn in amongst bone and cowrie shells- a truly beautiful and collectible piece! While the styling piece actually comes with dress comes with a fitted black mini, we love the fact you can take it off and wear it with absolutely anything!

Available here. Enjoy x

Press imagery thanks to Sass & Bide.


 Lover is always one of the collections we look forward to most…and their new Spring/Summer collection entitled ‘Untitled’ lives up to everything we’d hoped for in a summer collection – and more.

. Taking its mark from that of a beautiful female artist, the collection contains the classic Lover attributes of covetable femininity with an undeniable twist. Referencing the personal style and irreverent work of artists such as Rita Akerman and Aurel Schmidt, the collection offers what reads like a private view into the intriguing style of a thoroughly creative woman. Think silk blouses, feminine dresses, high waisted soft cotton shorts and smock dresses…and of course, lace.

Above: Work by Rita Ackermann and Aurel Schmidt

Mirroring the very materials she uses in her work, we see a colour palette that looks like it has come directly from a paint filled studio- soft watercolours that echo that of the work of Elizabeth Peyton’s modern day pop icons. Shades of cinnamon, vanilla and blush are used with beautifully feminine results and offset with deeper tones of nutmeg and henna.

Above: Work by Elizabeth Peyton

Always maintaining a feminine and truly enduring quality, the Lover girl deliveres with that an unmistakable and ever present element of cool.

Pre orders for the September/October delivery are available online here now!

Graphic goodness.

P.A.M aka Perks and Mini’s summer 2010 collection entitled Good/Bad has just arrived in-store. The collection includes both mens and womenswear with a very signature PAM look. Quirky graphics on plain cotton tees and sweaters.

P.A.M, with their penchant for strong graphics, nails the slogan and printed tees season after season…check out some of the new styles below and online here.

Jewels rocks.

Any of you who read our blog know how much we love our bracelets…

So when we laid our eyes on these ones… we could barely contain our excitement. All our abilities to make decisions went out the window. We wanted them all. A modern twist on what we remember fondly as ‘friendship bracelets’, the new range of handmade string, silver and gold bracelets by Jewels Rock are made to collect.

Come and check out the new jewels rock range of bracelets in both our Ponsonby and Newmarket stores now…and online soon!


Deadly Ponies delivery…

The much awaited first drop of Deadly Ponies has arrived!!

The drop also includes a few styles in new Deadly Ponies spray leather technique.

This unique overspray leather option is a dying technique that gives the earthy toned leather a unique metallic finish that will crack over time creating a distressed look. The spray adds even more character to Deadly Ponies beautiful handcrafted bag collection.

Check out the full collection here, and some of the recently arrived bags below! Get in quick, as always these bags will be charging straight out the door…