We love Jeans…

For the next two weeks we are passing a little of our jean lovin’ onto you…

Starting tomorrow until the 14th of November, all jeans will be $199 with any other purchase of $100 or more Includes all designers, from Nudie, Sass and Bide, Ksubi, Chronicles of Never and Flux!

The offer is only valid in-store, so pop on down quick smart to our Newmarket or Ponsonby stores for your denim fix!

From James Dean and Marlon Brando, to Marilyn, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, check out some of our favourite denim moments below xx

Into at the mo…

Summer Barbeques

Bring it on!!


We are loving chandeliers at the moment…big or small but always sparkly. We are in search of the perfect new room addition…


Creeping plants and Ivy.

Like chandeliers can make a room…ivy does the same in our books for a building. Needless to say we were quite gutted to hear that Ivy has been taken off the market as it is considered a pest….so we will be dreaming of magical ivy covered buildings from now on…

 Vanity Fair November 2010.

I love Vanity Fair, but especially in summertime, when you actually have the time to laze in the sun and read the articles – its the kind of magazine you want to immerse yourself in..not just flick through pretty pictures, and you always come out feeling much more knowledgeable about the world (well I do anyway). This particular issue is a must read – the secret diaries of Marilyn Monroe. I think read this about 5 times over the long weekend…

Loose Plaits.

So effortlessly summery! Perfect way to pull aside your hair at the beach, or when you can’t be bothered doing much at all with it on hot summer days. Plaits can go wrong, and can end up looking kind of geeky (think schoolgirl braids), however a loose side plait puts a little bit of a gypsy and carefree twist on it, which we quite like a lot.

The Chelsea Hotel

It’s one of those hotels that have everything that I love so well about hotels. I love hotels to which, at four a.m., you can bring along a midget, a bear and four ladies, drag them to your room and no one cares about it at all.” –  Leonard Cohen on the Chelsea Hotel

I read here recently on the NY Magazine that the iconic Chelsea Hotel in NYC has just gone up for sale. Since 1883, the building, with its signature wrought iron balconies, has been an emblematic residence of New York musicians, artists, and writers and became famous for its lenient attitude towards rent from artists trying to make it. Everyone from Arthur Miller to Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick stayed there, Bob Dylan wrote it into his lyrics, and Sid Vicious ( from the Sex Pistols) allegedly killed this then girlfriend Nancy Spungen in one of the bathrooms. With a history that reads like that…lets hope its sale doesn’t do anything to change this..

The Superette Magazine Online…

What can’t you do on the internet? Read our mag online here!

Salasai AW2011

We love this video showing a sneak peek of Salasai’s amazing Winter 2011 ‘Sacrificial Grace’ range so much we watched it twice. How good is the soundtrack!! Enjoy xx
P.s. We were actually milling about behind the scenes, shooting for The Superette Magazine on the day this video was shot. Check out our behind the scenes feature with Kirsha and the team below from the Magazine…

Halloween with Wildfox.

Who said Halloween was only for kids? We love Wildfox’s cute suggestions for ‘mature’ ways to celebrate halloween this year…whilst wearing Wildfox of course! x

Above: Wildfox Love Potion No.9 Tee, Simple Cross Raglan.
Above: Wildfox triangle tee

Trick or treat…

We love Halloween here at Superette…actually, that may be a sweeping generalization that I am making here because I love halloween…but not sure if that speaks for the whole team. Hehe. Nevertheless, its a fun holiday, that aside from all the witchy business, pretty much serves no other purpose than a good excuse to dress up (also love this). So, in the spirit of halloween, we’re putting our best spells to use and getting inspired for a bit of trick or treat….xx

Some halloweeny outfit ideas below…

Staff Style…Bridie Lou.

You may recognize Bridie from our Ponsonby store. Bridie works in Ponsonby part time (and sometimes Newmarket) when she is not busy at uni finishing off her law degree. Bridie is like a little ray of sunshine here at Superette, and we love having her around! so here she is sharing a bit of her summer with us…Enjoy! xx


Purely for the aesthetic beauty…we had to share the clip of Kanye West’s new Runaway film.

West has described Runaway as “the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world”

Whatever meaning has been tied to the film, it is utterly thought provoking and inspiring…Watching it, we were mesmerized by the colour and beauty in the cinematography…and hey, we’re always a bit of a sucker for the tragic love stories too..enjoy! xx

A couple of our favourite shots below…

Shakuhachi high

It’s a little like Christmas came early, well, for Shakuhachi fans that is.

We just got a fresh new delivery of gorgeous new summer stock, including some of your favourite sold out styles.

Perfect party dresses, perfect sun dresses…Shakuhachi is never around for long! So snap up your picks here

We snapped two of our personal faves from the collection on location at a shoot for The Superette Magazine…the Twisted Middle Maxi dress and the Spotty off shoulder dress. Pictured below x