Nicole Trufino is undoubtedly one of Aussie’s best model exports, and also one of our personal faves, so we were pleased to see her featured in sass & bide’s next season denim lookbook! Sass & Bide shared a sneak peek on their blog of the gorgeous Nicole in some of their latest denim offerings, including this seasons Revolution, Lover skins and The Dark Sun jean. Hot!!

The shoot was shot on location at Heidi’s house, some behind the scenes pics below!

 Above available here: The Dark Sun boyfriend jean and The Revoltion cropped skinny.
 Above available here: The Lover skins and The Passing shorts.

Use your imagination…

 While photoshop can fake it to some extent…nothing beats the real thing!! So for all you creative ( or not so too!) types out there, we have just received our new delivery of the much loved Lomo cameras. Whether you are a die hard Lomo fan, or just keen to have some fun snapping this summer, these are the perfect gift!

They say it is better to give than receive…well why not both? There is a price range for everyone with Lomo, starting from just $125…so you can play Santa to yourself too!

In the meantime, we are getting inspired and excited by the pics below for all the fun ways we can use these cameras this summer. Shop online here, or visit us in-store for the full range.

Dallas and Carlos.

New to Superette this week…

DALLASANDCARLOS…a unique twist to costume unisex street jewelry exhibited in combinations of sterling silver, gold, fur, fish leather & cord.

The range, as they describe it,  speaks of hot summer nights on a disco dance floor, fluro neoprene flashing to a monkey fur print…bright pink rollablades & grafitting gold skulls.

Born on the coast of Brazil in 2009, the hot new accessories brand was created by two old school friends Katherine Etheridge & Jessica Constance found themselves living in adjacent apartment blocks on the island of Florianopolis.

Sharing the same aesthetic & sense of fun (something injected into all their work), they decided to start a label of their own.Spending last year in Miami & now based in Australia the brand’s style is distinctive: playful, environmental & casually chic.

DALLASANDCARLOS represent the dream of endless summers, 1980s pool parties, boomboxes of heavy synth tunes & magical moment of carnivals in Rio de Janeiro…

Shop Dallas and Carlos here…and if you want our advice, they look best when stacked one ontop of another up the wrist!! Happy shopping!