Superette Co-labs

 We are super excited to finally be able announce the release of our Superette co-labs. Now finally available for first release pre orders online!

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Together with two of the hottest new labels to hit the Superette racks – Friend of Mine and I Love Ugly, we have come up with our very own ‘Superette’ must have’s for the winter season. Must have items that fulfill our wardrobe ‘voids’, these pieces you seem to always be searching for… and never find – until now. Or at least that’s how they feel for us, so we hope you love them as much as we do.

Check them out below and secure your favourite pieces here.

Friend of Mine for Superette

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 I Love Ugly for Superette

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I love Ugly for Superette wool patch sweater with leather elbows. $249. Available here.

Superette Studded Converse.

Scouts Honor.

We spotted the bec & bridge ‘Scouts Honor’ Parka in the latest Marie Claire magazine and it reminded us how excited we are for this jacket to arrive. A khaki parka is this winters must have- super easy to throw over anything, and with winter’s unpredictable weather, a practical jacket like this is a must-have!

We’ve been getting inspired by the parka trend for a wee while now…check out some of these ladies rock it below.


A dance for one.

This is so beautiful- watching it makes us fall even more in love with Lover…if that is even possible.

The film is a dreamlike glimpse into the life of Amber Scott, senior artist with the Australian Ballet. The film perfectly captures the mood and essence of the ‘A Dance for One’ collection. Oh, and don’t you only wish you could dance like that too?

Shop the new Lover collection now.

A Dance For One. from LOVER® on Vimeo.

Ksubi favourites…

Just in…a new shipment of our favourite Ksubi core denim favourites. We thought we would give you the low down on our fail-proof cuts.

Chitch: Slim fit tapered leg jeans with low rise.

Available in Black Night, Raw Rinse indigo, and Roadie Blue.
Dee Dee: The classic Low-rise straight leg rigid jean. Perfect for these who don’t like their jeans so tight!
Motor Ray: Mid rise, straight leg, rigid denim. Skinner than the Dee Dee.

The famous Albercueque shortsClassic ksubi cut off denim shorts with frayed hem and waistband in a classic distressed faded blue. Not just for summer, these are a favourite of ours in winter over tights.

Super Skinny Zip: Every girls must have jean! Low rise skinny jeans in a great everyday raw stretchy denim with 4.5″ zipper at ankles. 

Spray On: Super tight and sexy, these skinny jeans truly look spray-on!

Delightful D_luxe.

We chatted with one half of the creative d_luxe design duo Karie Higgins, on their inspirations behind the lustworthly new collection ‘Costumes and Crystal Armour’.

Check out the full collection here.

What is your inspiration behind the collection? 

The main inspiration behind our collection is a play on the contemporary and traditional notion of ‘costume’, interpreted as a headdress ranging from the ‘mickey cap’ to the ‘antlers’ to the feathered Indian headdresses. Our Muse for the collection is Natasha Kahn of ‘Bat for lashes’ who sports the most amazing costumes and headdress’s.

Above: Natasha Khan.

You will see the influence of both her theatrical style and her song titles throughout (Blinding Battle, Pearls Dream, Sleeping Sunshine – and of course the lyrics ‘Crystal Armour’which features in our video and title. (We loved this line particularly as crystal’s and armour seemed perfect for the more abstract shapes in the collection.)

The second major underpinning inspiration is a more formal study in contrasting geometries, we start with the inverted quartz stones for example, set them as a rectangle, within a square, atop a circular base. (The Beaten stacker is also a good example of this being a cone a cube and a sphere). As always they have a bit of a statement 70’s aesthetic which we love.

Tell us a little about your design process?

Above: Karie’s design drawings.

Throughout the year I draw forms and ideas for collections as they pop into my head in notebooks and on scraps of paper. So I always have a little body of work to start with when the time comes to sit down and do some serious designing. (I often keep drawings and ideas from many seasons ago that never came to fruition, sometimes they can work in a collection years later).

So I really start by assessing what has inspired me so far through (notebook drawings) and thinking about what people will be excited to wear when the collection finally gets released (which is generally 9-12 months after it has been designed).

Once i have built the own little mini collection of form drawings then i will move to more specific drawings and research about defining overall details (stones/scale finishes etc).

 When an aesthetic for the collection begins to emerge I will put it down for a while and then search for a  second wave of inspiration – movies, old editorials, fashion – blogs – musical muses, leading ladies – books all sorts of places! Megan will weigh in here and in the early stages with some directions to consider etc. 

Back to the drawing board again with the new found inspiration that will hopefully serve to cement the story and it becomes a useful tool in building upon what i have – as well as culling what it not going to work.

Then once i am exhausted Megan and I will review the designs a very select few people and get feedback (not many, it’s important to not have too many opinions)…

As the designs for the jewellery come along usually a really strong idea or concept behind how i want to shoot and style the campaign will emerge and this propels the project along which is helpful when designing the finishing touches.

(Along with all the above i make about a million trips out to our production/sampling house in Wellington and they tell me ways in which i may need to modify a design to make it stronger, more efficient to cast etc etc……once the samples are made it is about another million trips to sort all the final details that really need to be decided when you are eyeing the piece in the flesh. This is the beauty of having our jewels made locally!).

What are your favourite pieces and why?

That’s a hard one this season, feels like choosing your favourite kid!

Hmmm, i like different pieces for different reasons and occasions. I am super pumped on the Minnie’s – because they are ridiculously cute.

I also love the look of layering both the ‘sleeping sunshine rose quartz’ ring and the ‘crystal armour platform’ ring on one hand because they look amazing and kind of 70’s style full noise when together. Buttttt I am going to have to go the beaten stacker set, they are as close as d_luxe gets to a ‘classic style’ but they are still tough and an interesting set of opposing interesting geometries, (which is an underlying formal strategy for all d_luxe designs).

Into at the mo.

Allpress Granita Coffee’s.

That’s Italian for Iced Coffee…we discovered these little gems the other afternoon when we had a coffee craving but the heat got the better of us. The perfect mid afternoon pick me up!

Splashes of leopard.

 We’ve got leopard print lovin’ for winter. A little touch of leopard spots adds a little something more to any drab winter day…

End of Summer Boating.

The last few weekends of warm water and blue sky days are slowly creeping up on us. We’re making the most of this by buttering up our friends with boats and jumping on board…


A hard flower to come by but when it is available we stock up on the long stems and soak up as much of its intoxicating, sweet exotic scent!


We are super excited about the upcoming release of our winter designer co-labs.  We have collaborated with some of our designers to bring you a range of exclusive ‘must have’ items, with our own Superette spin on them. Our lips are sealed…almost, here is a sneak peek of one of the three collaborations. Can you guess what it is? Watch this space!