Sky Planters hit Wellington…

The up side down planters in our Wellington store have been a hit and we have been inundated with customers wanting to purchase the very ones hanging. Sorry those ones are ours, but we can now tell you that our Wellington store now has the Sky Planters for sale. With the x small ones retailing for $39 and the small for $49 they certainly aren’t going to break the bank. Hanging plants have always inspired us here at Superette so we too look forward to stocking up and making our office a hanging jungle.

New Ksubi arrivals!

We are super excited to announce that the new season Ksubi has arrived here at Superette. Ksubi has some great new numbers in-store for us…whether its jeans to brave the wintery blast or hot shorts to pack on your tropical get away Ksubi has it covered, check out a few of our fav’s below… 

GUEST BLOGGER: Part ten, with Sacha Young editor at Coup De Main

This week we talk to the amazing Sacha Young from Coup De Main magazine. Sacha talks us through her ten favourite things about winter… With a mention of television marathons and internet shopping we couldn’t agree more! Check it out for your self below! x
There are many positives to Winter, as there are negatives. I miss the Summer-y weather, ice-cream breaks and trips to the beach… alas, Winter has many great aspects too. For example I am a fan of the snow. Not so much touching it or even partaking in snow-activities, apart from snow-angels, but the idea that with snow comes holidays, warm evenings inside with a cup of tea and a nostalgic film in hand.
So here are my ten favourite things about Winter… 
1. Films, films, films! I am super excited to attend films that are showing at the annual ‘New Zealand Film Festival’, I was lucky enough to see Richard Ayoade’s film-directorial debut ‘Submarine’ yesterday, which was completely incredible. If you’ve seen the ‘IT CROWD’, you will appreciate the Moss-like sense of humour that Ayoade integrated into the film so well. 
(watch the ‘submarine’ trailer here
2. Winter clothing! I live for the colder days so I can chuck on my chunky knit sweaters, woolen scarf, thick socks and knee-high black boots. I’ve picked out my top-five picks available from Superette. 
KSUBI – La Femme Jeans $339.00 | MOTEL – Dolly Blouse $119.00 | THERESE RAWSTHORNE – Split Shirt $369.00 | ZOE & MORGAN – A Rabbit In A Hat Ring $119.00 | SASS AND BIDE – The Trademark $529.00.
3. Winter is radical, because it’s the only time of year I can order an extra hot coffee. My local coffee shop is ‘Altezano’ on Symonds Street. My day isn’t complete without a coffee, I will literally go out at 10PM if I haven’t had one yet…mmm. 
4. Staying in on a Saturday night and drawing, because it’s far too cold, rainy and windy to endure the Winter-weather outside at night. 
5. Walking home from work in the dark, whilst listening to Michael Buble’s ‘Crazy Love’ album – thinking that it can’t get much better than that. 
6. Spending far too much time window-shopping online, wishing I could buy pieces that aren’t even shipped to New Zealand! 
7. Going to the museum! I know it sounds a little geeky, but when was the last time you went to a museum or art gallery? Well, for me it was a few weeks ago… I attended ‘Late’ at the Auckland Museum which is held every month on a Thursday night, where they have a guest speaker, a musician, and open their featured exhibition. We got to see their newest exhibit called ‘Aqua’ which is an interactive thirty-minute exposé on the diminishing fresh water supply in the world. It was truly an eye-opening session, when does one ever have time to think about water! 
8. Go for brunch! Actually brunch is definitely in my top ten all year round, c’mon it’s like the best thing to do on a Saturday morning. My picks would be Sheinken on Lorne Street – they make a mean Eggs Benedict and also ‘Shaky Isles’ in Kingsland – you can’t go wrong with their Whittakers chocolate infused mochas. 
9. All night long movie marathons. My friend and I recently re-watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ for about twelve hours straight, I never get sick of Rory and Loralie’s back and forth banter. 
10. Not feeling guilty when getting out of bed way too late… when it’s raining outside. Since there’s not much to do anyway.

Into at the mo…Our new season window display inspiration!

A Big Hello to Summer! 
With the new season almost here (well you already pre order here) we are currently in the process of planning new window displays and new store looks to welcome in the summer season. Drawing inspiration from all around below are some of our favs…
Pastel coloured food trucks…Who could not love this? An L.A way of eating the pastel colours make it even more tempting.
Wire Hanging Lights – so industrial and remind us of something similar we had at our very first Drake Street store.

Tin can flowers….our friends at flotsom and Jetsom featured cute rusty cans in our May window so this is a follow on from this.

Vintage Soda Crates…the more the better.
Club Houses…. A mix match of anything Dad could find to build it from back then.
New School Conservatories…more like enchanted forests in your home.
Stump Interiors…Our boardroom table is always one to inspire.

We Love Stripes!

Superette spys a little trend coming on… Our racks are filled with stripes and we couldn’t be more excited about it. This week Superette salutes the stripe, which stripey number has your name on it? 

Above: Bassike Rugby Jersey Sweat.

Above: Bassike Stripe Tee.

Above: American Apparel V Neck Fine Jersey Stripe.

I Love Ugly Art Exhibition, Final Week!

It is the final week of the I Love Ugly Exhibition being in our Ponsonby store! The store looks awesome if you haven’t made it in yet to have a squiz make sure you do it is definitely worth the visit! Check out the video below to see footage from the actual night.

I Love Ugly @ Superette from I Love Ugly on Vimeo.

Above: “Depicted Print” $420.

Above: “Headless Print” $150.

Above: “Cartoon Butter Print” $130.

Above: “Straight Face Print” $130.

Above: “Cotton and Sex Print” $220.

Above: “Manequin Head” $420 

Above: “The Jar Series” $45 each.