Weekend get away..

With day light savings to start the week we were confronted with the struggle to get up in the mornings; yet we get a wee reward at the end of the day: feeling as though it is still mid-afternoon! These warm afternoons remind us of the perfect roadie. This weekend we are packing our bags, whilst we don’t know whether we will be heading east or west we do know what we will be packing… Will you be joining us? 

Lomo Fish Eye Camera.
Lomo Diana Camera.

Meadowlark charms are here!

More charms have arrived to Superette just in time for the weekend! 
They are super cute and the perfect gift! Which one’s your favorite? 

Inspiring buying…

A buying trip off shore always inspires us and having just returned from one we are so excited with what we have lined up for our wee stores in the coming months and for Winter 2012. It is hard to contain ourselves, but we will keep you posted over the next few weeks as to what label additions we have coming to the Superette family. We did however take a couple of snaps on our journey so do enjoy and more to come as we can reveal more. x

It’s time for a picnic!

With inklings of sunshine in-between the wind, the Superette team can’t help but dream of a a little picnic. With daylight savings upon us we thought there is no better way to celebrate than with a good old fashioned picnic.. whilst we are planning what festive foods to bring along to the party we can’t help but plan the perfect picnic outfit for the occasion.

The Lover Messenger Shirt features in Rush…

New season Lover has us very excited here at Superette. With a perfect play between dressing up and dressing down, all the pieces have the ability to be worn for nearly every occassion.

The Messenger Shirt is a great style from Lover that interplays a boyish shirt look. This number will definitely be popular as we come into the warmer months! In-store now and online now… no doubt it will be snapped up so be in quick! 

Shop the rest of the Lover collection here.

Super Art: Ashton Keiditsch

This week upon searching for yet another incredibly talented artist we came across Aston Keiditsch. The series below is titled ‘Kite Runner’ having read the unforgettable book by Khaled Hosseini,we were automatically drawn in. Keiditsch has an impecable eye for colour and we would describe the compositions below as simply breath taking. We love the way the photographs are so uncontrived yet tell a story on their own. Have a look for yourself…

To see more of Aston Keiditsch outstanding work site click here.
All images © Aston Keiditsch.