Monday Guest Blogger… Bryony Key Of Diet Coke and A Smoke.

This week we chat to the ever inspiring Bryony Alexandra Key who is the clever little being behind one of Superettes favourite blogs, dietcokeandasmoke her blog always inspires and gets us through the working week! This week we chat to Bryony about her Superette ‘must haves’ (although she found it hard to just name a couple), summer, what inspires her and of course what’s in her wardrobe! Check it out below.. xx 

Who’s wardrobe would you raid if you had the chance? 
Most definitely Rachel Zoe. Have you seen her collection of vintage fur? I die i dieee!

What is on your Superette summer ‘must have’ list?
Studded white chucks!!!!! Perf for rnv splore etc.
Mr Wallet Zebra looks like it would house some taxi cash my eftpos card and iphone nicely.

What inspires you?
MAC, avocado inspired cuisine, the smell of flowerbomb. Confident, happy, strong characters. Oyster mag, clear crisp interiors…. 
When did you start your blog and what made you do it?
I started to post like 4 months ago or so…. Hazel made a tumblr and i just jumped on th band wagon, and so DC&AS was born.
What do you love most about blogging?
I am an avid avocado fan. And i love it when people write to me saying ive inspired them to try avocado and now they eat it like everyday and are in love etc.  I get it like 5 times a day, at least.
What trend has you weak at the knees? 
Tanned men in short sleeved floral shirts. Italians do it best.
What is currently on high rotation in your wardrobe?
Rayban aviators, my KW bow birthday necklace, crisp white fresh chucks, turquoise KW tee with a white skull printed on the front and a big split mid back. Poppy orange suckyinney skirt from Kookai.
What is your dream holiday destination?
Currently BoraBora just like everyone else who watches T\the Kardashians…
And lastly what are you 5 favourite things about summer?
Hot concrete at night
Acai Berry Absolute with Franks Lime&Soda
Walking around half nake, constantly
The fact that avocados are like 2 for $1 rather than $4 a pop in winter….
No more fake tan! Wooooo!

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