We are pretty excited to announce that we have some amazing new arrivals from Super eyewear along with your old favs in a variation of colour ways there are some stunning new styles too. We can’t seem to put our finger on our favourite but it seems that we aren’t the only ones loving super eyewear at the mo…as seen on the likes of Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Abbey Lee, Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, Lara Bingle & Rihanna
Nicki Minaj wears: Super Flat Top. 

Above: Beyonce wears: Super Flat Top – Black.

Justin Bieber wears: Super Flat top – black. 

Jessica Alba wears: Super Classics.

Above: Lara Bingle wears: Super Classic – Puma.

Shop the Super collection here. 

Helmut Newton – Polaroids

An incredible collection of Helmut Newton’s test polaroids. Polaroids occupy a special place in the hearts of many photo enthusiasts who remember a time when ‘instant photography’ meant one-of-a-kind prints that developed within minutes of clicking the shutter. What was once a crucial tool for photographers to test their shots before shooting on film has now become obsolete in the face of digital photography. Luckily for us, legendary photographer Helmut Newton saved his test polaroids, allowing a privileged and rare chance to see the tests from a selection of his greatest shoots over a period of decades, including many from the TASCHEN titles SUMO, A Gun for Hire and Work. Put together by his widow June Newton, his collection captures the magic of Helmut Newton photo shoots as only Polaroids can.

Welcome Clink jewels!

This week we welcome Clink jewels to the Superette jewellery collection. With a range of beautiful semi precious stones which all have different powers and strengths. From the Amethyst which is believed to be a dream stone to help insomnia to the Clear Quartz which is said to be a crystal healing stone whilst amplifying energy. 

Above: Net Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Tuesday outfit…

Gayleen & Cassie have picked out the outfits today. The dudes are off on a sweet safari tour as for the girls a big night out of course,  what have you got on today?
Lomo Holga Camera. 


Stocking fillers…

Stil have a few gifts to buy? Not to worry we have put together the perfect little stocking filler idea’s… whether you are just looking for a little extra something or whether you are wanting to splurge on that special someone we have you covered! Below are our top 10 stocking filler ideas… 

1. Jewel Rocks bracelets.. the perfect little momento to get you super excited for summer! 
2. Havaianas… an absolute must have for the summer season in a range of colours and patterns we are sure to have you covered! 
3. Vans authentic’s… The ultimate summer shoe, as they get better and better with age, sun and a little TLC a pair of vans as a summer prezzie means you can do no wrong. 
4. Franks… no boy can ever have too many boardies and Franks offer a huge range in styles, colours & patterns. 
5. Boskke Sky Planters… We can’t help but have a little crush on this awesome prezzie, in the kitchen pop your favourite herbs, in the living room an orchid looks simply beautiful. With skyplanters you can now have your favourite plant hanging right above you! 
6. Clink Jewellery, each stone has a different meaning to suit who you are buying for. All hand made with natural stones.
7. Katy Did cardsKaty Did creates carefully selected items that may be new, or vintage, or handmade, or locally made, or made overseas… basically all kinds of paper goodness!
8. Taschen Books… A little more extravagant stocking filler with the variety ranging from $30 to $180. But these beautiful books can be added to ones library and kept forever. 
9. Lindi Kingi Bracelets… These stunning bracelets do tend to become addictive with a range of colours and charms you can individually pick the perfect one to suit whoever you are buying for! 
10. And at number ten of course we could not leave out Rosebud Salve moisturizes your lips with a simply delicious scent!

Have you seen the ATG x Superette Co-lab?

We have been super busy formulating the perfect little co -lab.. and here it is! The one and only exclusive ATG ‘Roll Up’ Tee…
This tee doesn’t need much explaining! Super cool acid wash black and the best relaxed fit ever. Perfect for guys who like a looser fit tee. We developed this tee alongside ATG for our customers. This will simply work with every outfit. Ladies i think you will fancy this too!

Monday’s outfit…

Whoop! With an inkling of sunshine this morning we aren’t taking any chances! Today we are bringing out the Havaianas. Heres what we are wearing today! 
Strawberry Lip Salve.