Recent Press: Therese Rawsthorne

The perfect mix of illustration and textiles: Therese Rawsthorne’s latest collection features prints created by Australian artist Justin Lee Williams. Justin’s imaginative mixed media illustrations are out of this world. Often featuring rather eerie depictions of surreal characters and animals Justin was the perfect match for Therese’s new collection ‘Welcome to the Overlook Hotel’ which was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s twisted flick The Shining
Here is a little interview with Justin. Enjoy x

All above illustrations by Justin Lee Williams.

Above: Therese Rawsthorne ‘Diamond Back Shirt’ featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s April issue.

Buy this amazing shirt in orange here.

72 Hours in Wellington – A Photo Diary of Amazing Food

The blustery city of Wellington is well known for it’s wind and un-predictable weather. 
It’s also ranked amongst the best in New Zealand when it comes to cafe culture, art & design and independent shops and restaurants. We recently poped down South to visit our Superette store on Victoria Street over the Easter holidays. 72 hours is WAY too short to visit an amazing city like Wellington, not to mention scoring the perfect combination of no wind and sunshine for three days straight. We’ve compiled a little photo journal of what we ATE, and boy did we eat. 

The magic started on Cuba Street. This iconic strip is home to some of the best bars, cafes and op-shops around. In a small radius we managed to stop in at Flora Ditas for the most unreal eggs benedict, followed by a Snickers milkshake from famous Fidel’s. We also popped back to Fidel’s a few days later and had the most amazing peach strawberry brioche we’ve ever tried (it was MASSIVE).

Another highlight of our journey around Cuba street was Memphis Belle Coffee House, on Dixon Street off of Cuba. The baristas were amazing and highly skilled in the art of creating the perfect cup. Offering a large array of coffee making contraptions (most of which looked like a typical high school science experiment) we could see why they were awarded the Best Cafe in Wellington in 2011 and numerous other awards year after year.

Wellington’s harbour is a magical place – we basked in the sun by the water, enjoyed a glass of 
wine and wandered over to Te Papa Museum for a few hours of exploration.

Later we grabbed more milkshakes and pulled pork sandwiches from Sweet Mother’s Kitchen on Courtenay Place, hit the spot perfectly.
To change up the pace we visited another favourite, the Boulcott Street Bistro & Winebar.  
Famous for it’s delicious fare and quaint atmosphere Boulcott is a must for a phenomenal dinner or to just have some drinks with friends. 
Deluxe is one of the hidden gems just off of Courtenay Place. Everything on the menu is vegan or vegetarian – but the tastes and flavour combinations were out of this world. We tried the lemon, blueberry and feijoa cupcake and a few other gems. Healthy food has never tasted this good!
After we were absolutely full to the brim we deiced to take the tram up to the botanical gardens. They were beautiful and went on for miles. Needless to say, we opted out of the return ticket option for the tram and decided to take the much needed walk back down to town.
Overall we had a fantastic weekend. There were many other favourites stops that we didn’t have the time nor the stomach capacity to visit. At least we have a long list for next time 
we love you Wellington!

Summer locks never go out of style

With the Summer months creeping further and further away, we have been re-visiting and reminiscing thoughts of long Summer days. Rain or shine we are absolutely loving wind blown locks and fishtail braids. These natural but gorgeous styles are easy to achieve and look effortless, not to mention are perfect for the unpredictably damp weather of the Winter months too.

We found a recipe to make your own ‘beach hair spray’ – it’s super easy.

You will need the following/

– A spray bottle
– Warm water (1 cup)
– Sea Salt (2 tablespoons)
– Coconut oil / oilive oil / conditioner (coconut is best as it smells great) (2-3 tablespoons)
– Hair gel (just a few spritzes)

How to/
  • 1. Grab your spray bottle, pour a few cups of warm water into the bottle. 
    2. Add sea salt, not table salt. The more salt you add, the more textured your hair will be.
    3. Add coconut oil, olive oil or light conditioner to the bottle. (keep this to less than a teaspoon)
    4. Spritz a few sprays of hair gel into the bottle to help hold your hair.
    5. Replace the top to the bottle, close tight – shake well to mix all the ingredients. 
    Then spray over dry hair / scrunch your locks with your fingers to accentuate its natural wave. 
    Let your hair air dry. 
    * Oh! And keep your new spray refrigerated when your not using it
    Alternatively you can go for a dip in the Ocean, brrr!
    Enjoy x
  • SuperArt – Photographer Rodney Smith

    Stark Contrast/
    Rodney Smith’s photographs are fine works of art. He has captured some truly incredible moments on film.
    A few things you might not have known about Rodney:

    1. He never uses special effects on his photos.
    2. He considers himself to be ‘old school’.
    3. He lives in Snedens Landing, which is rather close to Manhattan.
    4. He is loves with books and reading.
    5. He ONLY uses film, digital is not for him.
    6. He is a perfectionist, workaholic and generally quite in nature.
    7. He has worked for clients such as Starbucks Coffee, The New York Times, Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and W Magazine just to name a few.
    8. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1970, and completed a Masters at Yale in 1973.
    9. He has been behind the lens for 40 years.

    Here is a sample of some of his amazing photographs…  Enjoy x


    Trend: Earth Tones

    With Autumn fast approaching – we’ve pulled together some of our favourite must-haves that remind us of the season. 
    Earth Tones are a huge trend at the moment and we just  l o v e  these muted hues. Enjoy x

    Above: From Left – Black Noise White Rain ‘Gravity Shrug‘, TwentySevenNames ‘313 Coat‘, Therese Rawsthorne Ensemble ‘Away We Go Dress‘, Therese Rawsthorne Ensemble ‘Down Home Dress‘, Black Noise White Rain ‘Long Black Noise Dress‘.

    Above: From Left – Sass & Bide ‘The Late Movie Jeans‘, Sass & Bide ‘One By One Pants‘, Ksubi ‘Skinny Pins‘, Ksubi ‘Rodeo 1 Boots‘, Beau Coops ‘Neuf Boot‘, Deadly Ponies ‘Strapper Belt‘.

    Above: From Left – Uslu Airlines Polish in WAW, EIS, and BHX. Life with Bird ‘Rose Bucket Bag‘.

    Mini – plaids, sequins and leather oh my!

    It’s Friday – and Mini is open for business! Speaking of which, we got right down to business and had a bit of fun with some of the hidden gems new to mini this week!

    Have a sneaky peak of what’s in-store, don’t forget we’re open until 5 today and from 10 – 5 Saturday.

    Hope to see you all there 
    All jeans $199. Some amazing bargains to be had like the Sass + Bide ‘Matter of Discipline’ sequin pants shown below. AMAZING! Were $590 now $299! x

    Captivating Shots of Terraced Rice Fields

    We stumbled across a photo of the terraced rice fields in China. Given their name for the resemblance to dragon’s scales, these terraces are pure magic. A photographic paradise captured by some amazing photographers.We found a collection of amazing images. 
    Enjoy this super treat for the eyes. x
    Image via National Geographic


    Image via Akademi Fantasia
    Image via Yunnan Adventure


    Image via Unique China Tours


    Image via Unique ChinaTours

    Friend Of Mine Recent Press

    This new press from Friend of Mine is just in.
    Check out these two beautiful shots in the amazing ‘Collins Skirt’ and ‘Slice Dress’.
    Featured in ‘Just Be’, the ‘Collins Skirt’ is edgy and awesome – reminding us of Friend Of Mine’s famous ‘Tarzan Skirt’ from last season. This 100% silk skirt features an elasticated waist band and a double split up to the waist band. A must – have. Buy it here.

    How hot does Jessica from Tuula look in the Friend Of Mine ‘Slice Dress’? We love it! This simple A line long sleeve dress has the perfect twist to set it apart: a slice at the elbow. You can dress this baby up or down – if you had to have one little black dress this season – this would be it!
    Buy it here.

    Staff Style : Joe Coates

    What’s your role here at Superette?
    I’m part of the sales team down in Wellington.
    What do you love about your job?
    Getting up in the morning and actually being happy to go to work. That’s the key. No point doing something if you’re not passionate about it. And I love meeting the customers that come in, because Wellies is quite a small place and you always end up bumping into people outside of work.

    Anything you’ve got your eye on in store at the moment?
    Whoa, baby! The whole Mr Simple range is mean. I’ve already picked myself out some awesome pieces from their winter range.

    What do you do in your spare time?
    I love to read and watch movies, and socialise. Wellington is the best city to go out and get a coffee or a beer in (sorry Auckland, but it’s true) so I love just wandering about with mates.
    Do you have any hidden hobbies or talents?
    I’ve taken up beard growing. You look wiser and more distinguished. It’s great.   

    Favourite things about living in Wellington? 
    Are you from Wellington originally? If not where are you from?
    I actually just got my NZ citizenship, which is exciting. I moved over here from England when I was 14 and have been cultivating a healthy caffeine dependency in Wellington ever since.

    What were your recent purchases from Superette?
    I picked up the Jenkins jacket and Ascot knit. I’m going for that preppy college look. Goes hand in hand with the beard.

    Above: Mr. Simple ‘Jenkins Jacket‘ and Mr. Simple ‘Ascot Knit‘.

    Favourite things about Autumn?
    The fashion. BNWR and Ksubi have some really mean jumpers and shirts coming out, which I just can’t wait to get my mitts on. 

    BNWRWhite Rain Jumper‘ $189                                                KsubiContrast Shirt‘ $239

    Who’s your style icon?
    The Wellington locals. There are some cool cats here. And of course my better half does her best to keep me looking handsome.

    If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
    I’m going to California in June to watch Bon Iver, Radiohead, SBTRKT and a whole load more artists play at Bonnaroo! So that’s taking up the majority of the travel part of my brain at the mo. But I’d love to get over to South America or Italy in the near future too.