Monday Guest Blogger… Anna Delany.

This week we chat to the talented photographer Anna Delany. After her recent relocation to New York we couldn’t help but have a couple of questions for her. As you can see below her work is truly inspiring and nothing short of beautiful…enjoy!

What do you love about living in New York?
The crazy people on the subway.
What made you become a photographer?
My interest in other people and places. Being a photographer gives you the ability to freeze a moment in time where your life and some part of someone else’s life intersect.
What did you want to be when you were a child?
Bart Simpson
What do you miss most about home? (NZ)
Friends, whanau and living by the ocean
Do you think your work has changed much from when you first started out?
I don’t really think my style has changed too much. Most of my photographs are simply seconds of my life when I felt compelled to record where I was or who I was with. When I’m psyched to be there, that’s when I’ll pick up my camera. 
What inspires you?
Wild places and new adventures. And that buzz of getting the negatives back from the lab and seeing the results, then reminiscing over fleeting moments.
Can you name a few places you love to go to in NY?
For taking photos, there’s no better place in New York than in my neighbourhood, Bedford Stuyvesant, BK. New York has had its photograph taken by millions of people, so I like to find places that I know the best and that you’re probably never going to see on a postcard.

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