It’s that time again! //
What we’re INTO @ THE MO

Oversized Clutches / 
Ginger Lattes / 
Magnolia Trees / 
Pops of Fluro / 
Crisp, Sunny Days / 
Breakfast In Bed (Especially if it is this cute!) / 
This adorable illustrations by Ashley Percival / 
Highly embellished jackets / 
Wool Beanies / 

Thoughts of Hawaii / 
Open Concept Closets (we have extreme closet ENVY over this one) / 
Enjoy your Monday! – Superette xx

Into at the mo…

The seasons are changing as are our interests. Here is what we’re into at the mo…

Superette Signage/

Autumn Leaves/
Beach Getaways/
Tea Parties/
Fluro Phone Covers/
Frosty Lips/

Leopard on Leopard/
Green Smoothies/
Sequin Shorts/

Wood Ovens/

Into at the mo…

Check out what our team at Superette Head Office 
are loving right now…

Loose braids /
Cocktail parties /

Minimal spaces /

Old cameras /

Trick photography /

Graphic posters (lots of them) /

Chunky sparkle polish /

Gold metallic leather jackets /

Fur + leather /

Jazz vinyl covers /

Pants with zips! /

White balloons /

Beach hair /

xx Superette

Into at the mo…

We wanted to share a few things that have tickled our fancy this week!

Typoe, a graffiti and street-art artist from Miami’s gravity defying piece has us dazzled. 
More is more. Gold jewels, bangles, pearls – we are loving this arm ensamble. 

A Wellington local spot, Maranui Cafe – we rate their iced coffee shakes! YUM.

Avo on toast with tomato. Healthy and oh so good!
Lomography. Whether you’re a purist or just snapping with Instagram, we love lomo.

Afterwork cocktails and BBQs with friends. Nothing says a summer’s day like an icy concoction. 
Orange Lippy – the perfect pout, we LOVE.

Mexican food – so fresh and full of flavour, can someone pass the guacamole?
Check out Sass & Bide’s Sarah-Jane’s new locks  

Tribal and Aztec prints are high on our list – but these particular illustrations 
by artist Vasare Nar take the cake. 
Vasare was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and is currently living and working in Northern Ireland.
 Check out her other illustrations here.

What we are into at the mo…

Denim & Stripes… This little trend has been on our radar for quite sometime now and we can’t help but follow it, denim shorties and a slouchy striped jumper is your perfect festival get up.

Fresh fruit, whilst the weather isn’t acting as it should for mid december we definitely can’t complain about the summer fruits that we have been indulging in.

Camping out & staying up late…this week we are channeling our inner outdoor instincts we dream of camping in the middle of nowhere and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves…bliss! 
Receiving Christmas parcels..Who doesn’t enjoy receiving parcels really? Next Friday is the cut off date for Australia and the rest of the world for putting your online orders in! For everyone in NZ the cut off is  the 22nd so be quick!! 
Napkin art…This delightful little rhino is one of many magic animals being created through restaurants across the globe and we can’t help but fall in love with this little gimmick.
Crystal clear blue water…with the end of December drawing nearer and nearer we are definitely getting ourselves amped for our first ocean dip… fingers crossed with the weather. 
Cocktails, need we say more? A late afternoon cocktail goes down a treat in anyones book!
Bon fires… Bon fires are yet another summer past time favourite.

What we are into at the mo…

First of all we would like to say.. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER, 
Here is what we are into at the mo…

COLOUR, We are super excited to push the grey’s and blacks to the back of our closets.

Summer head pieces…

Vans; nothing says summer better than your good old pair of bright coloured vans, and for those of you who missed out we have more vans arriving next week! To ensure you don’t miss out again,
 pre-order them here

Peppermint slice is the perfect treat for your summer picnic, This will definitely be our next project for the ‘superette bake off’…

Sorbet on a hot summers day… need we say more?

 Long warm afternoons…

Into at the mo…

1. Photo-booths 
2. The Superette and Zoe and Morgan co-lab is getting us very excited! Think stars and diamonds these will be arriving to Superette soon and we can’t wait.
3. “The White Serpent” Lovers latest collection. Think intricate lace, royal red and perfect drapes Lover latest collection has us all in awe!
4. Puppy Love…Having little Douglas in our office has us all head over heels in puppy love! He is adorable. 
5. With Ponsonby market day this Saturday we are really looking forward to it! Feel free to pop in and visit us!
6. Weekend get aways…last minute dashes to the mountain or a secluded get away we are planning trips away to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.
7. Sleep! There is nothing like a good sleep, one thing that is making us appreciate this windy, rainy weather is snuggling up into bed and going to sleep listening to the rain.
8. We are delighted to announce that our daily run-to coffee stop Dizengoff now stocks whoopie pies. The story goes that Amish women would bake “hucklebacks” known as this at the time and put them in farmers lunch boxes. When farmers would find “hucklebacks” in their lunch, they would shout “Whoopie!” Which is where the name Whoopie comes from, these have us all very excited! These tasty morsels are sure to go down a treat here at the Superette office.
9. Eminem.. Some of us here at the office are planning a cheeky trip across the ditch to Eminem.. with the recent announce of his Australian tour on December 1 and 2nd we are literally counting down.. HELLO slim shady,  We can’t wait to hear you live!  
10. Quirky sunnies.. this is becoming a little fad as of late, they are lots of fun and are making us well in-tune with the silly season in the nearby horizon! Ksubi Eyewear has released some awesome little numbers sure to get us amped! 

Into at the mo…

Wow this warmer weather is starting to arrive and the blossoms are a sure sign of this.
Definitely on the top ten list for the season the new Sass and Bide sequin Zippora’s….so good we wore them to the Stolen Girlfriends show. Dressed up or down they look amazing.
A new friend that spends his days at the Superette office! Meet James new bulldog Douglas. Beyond cute.

Of course we are very much into NZ Fashion Week. The talented New Zealand designers stepped it up this year – we are definitely making our mark! 
Nothing like a little sweet treat to keep you going in-between shows cupcakes have been a regular appearance in the Superette bake-offs.
Edie Sedgwick, after recently watching Factory Girls we have had a little obsession with dark brows, big lashes and quirky bobs. Such a sad but fantastic movie we could watch over and over!
Funky nails… How cool are these? We are taking turns at getting creative with a nail pen.. wish us luck! 

Into at the mo…

1. Walls of Frames.

This season Superette welcomes bold colours with open arms this little candy-stripe number is sure to be a summer essential.
3. Spring cleaning out our wardrobes (to make room for more of items of course). Although spring hasn’t arrived just yet we are very aware it is just around the corner hence our sudden urges to clear out the old and bring in the new..!
This Deadly Ponies number is sure to reinvent the clutch the additional removal wallet makes it perfect for almost any occasion. 
5. Biscotti + Coffee. 
6. Gypsy themed photo shoots. 
7. Crate Shelving…
8. Kate Moss’s romantic wedding. 
9. Horse Riding with friends… As the weather becomes warmer and warmer we find ourselves planning outdoor activities to appreciate the suns brief appearances.. horse riding is something on our little lists partly due to the fact that it is long over due and the other is of course our love for horses!