All I want for Christmas…

Day two..and the lists are already getting long. We are arguing over what to feature next!

However today we can’t go past this flash new Diana Chromatic that just arrived in our latest Lomo delivery.

A cult favorite since the early 60’s, the Diana F+ is known for its radiant, dreamy and lo-fi images produced. Paying homage to the classic Diana, this flash new version offers the classics such as plastic lens, 2 shutter settings (daylight & “B”), 3 aperture settings, and manual focus which are all hallmarks of the original.

Bringing in new technology, this Diana also offers a removable lens and super-small aperture for pinhole images, two image formats (12 or 16 square shots on a standard 120 roll), an endless panorama feature that allows for unlimited and nearly seamless panoramic shots, and both a standard tripod thread & shutter lock for easy shake-free long exposures.

We think a Diana camera should go hand and hand with all your summer adventures this year… Available here.

Use your imagination…

 While photoshop can fake it to some extent…nothing beats the real thing!! So for all you creative ( or not so too!) types out there, we have just received our new delivery of the much loved Lomo cameras. Whether you are a die hard Lomo fan, or just keen to have some fun snapping this summer, these are the perfect gift!

They say it is better to give than receive…well why not both? There is a price range for everyone with Lomo, starting from just $125…so you can play Santa to yourself too!

In the meantime, we are getting inspired and excited by the pics below for all the fun ways we can use these cameras this summer. Shop online here, or visit us in-store for the full range.

‘Don’t Think, Just Shoot’

Just arrived in store is our big pre Christmas drop of the amazing Lomo camera collection. Lomography, hailing from Austria, emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. The Lomography motto of “don’t think, just shoot’ similar to the concept of the ‘Kodak Moment’ ” presumes spontaneity, close-ups, and ubiquity, while de-emphasizing formal technique.

Over-saturated colours, off kilter exposures, burring and alternative film processing are all considered part of the Lomography techniques. The small size, simple controls and the ability to shoot in low light encourage a candid and light-hearted approach to photography.

Typical lomography cameras are deliberately low-fidelity and inexpensively constructed. Some cameras make use of multiple lenses and rainbow-coloured flashes, or exhibit extreme optical distortions and even light leaks.

The perfect Christmas gift- for yourself or someone else!