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Inspired by Old English heritage and the Anglo Saxon Movement, which was an invasion of Germanic tribes into the South and East ends of Britain. 
Anglo Saxon Dress sparked an interest for Salasai – and can be categorized by its use of three major types of fabric and rich colour palates. Wool and linen were commonly used as they were durable, warn fabrics sourced from available animals and plants. Silk, only worn by the very wealthy is another signature of the time period.
This collection draws upon these influences collaging raw silk edging, leather blocking and sheer prints. Staying true to Salasai’s signature look this collection balances both femininity and androgyny.

Check out the recent press below including some of our favourites including the ‘East Anglia Jumper’ and the ‘Esther blouse’.

Above: From Fashion Quarterly’s Autumn 2012 issue 
– Available now from Superette stores and online – 
Salasai’s ‘East Anglia Jumper’, $449. Buy it here.

Above: The fabulous Jane Birkin in Salasai.

Above: Featured in Viva’s February issue – Salasai’s ‘Esther Blouse’, $349. 
Available from Superette in Black – Pre-order it here.

It’s time for a picnic!

With inklings of sunshine in-between the wind, the Superette team can’t help but dream of a a little picnic. With daylight savings upon us we thought there is no better way to celebrate than with a good old fashioned picnic.. whilst we are planning what festive foods to bring along to the party we can’t help but plan the perfect picnic outfit for the occasion.

NZ Fashion Week Day One: Salasai…

As we arrive at the beautiful venue: St Matthews, the church bells ring to welcome us through the doors, We are then greeted by the lovely ladies from Showroom22. The aesthetic of the church is dim with cast iron chandeliers hanging from the high arch stone roof. The surroundings are precisely suited to the name of the collection: Enchanted Territory. We quickly sneak back stage to take some snaps of the models before the show, think long lashes and Cleopatra eyeliner and chiseled cheekbones. Stephen Marr topped off the look with a slick middle part and perfectly placed pearls along the part line. We were wooed by the incredible mystical surroundings and the stunning hair and make up. As the show kicks off the once dim room suddenly becomes alight.
Salasai: The Enchanted Territory
 The angelic runway compliments what we see: soft floaty whites, crisp tartan, box pleats, leather shorts, capes and loosely tailored hessian blazers. Incorporated into this blend of textures there is a subtle presence of lace. The Superette team were in awe by Kirsha’s unforgettable show, with the simple combination of colours mixed with the beautiful silks and lace gave us reason to look forward to next winter… the arrival of this Salasai season.

We all had a crush on these little front row cuties

Colin was keen to strike a pose for us! 

Guess who we spotted sitting just a couple of seats down from us! Marc of Stolen Girlfriends Club and the lovely Natalie, who you will remember from recent guest blog appearances. 

With today marking the last day of winter we are welcoming spring and with the recent drop of Kirsha’s summer Salasai collection “A Strange Love Project” we couldn’t be more prepared! 
Shop the collection here.

Tuesday guest blogger… Kirsha Whitcher of Salasai.

With the Salasai show kicking off this evening we thought we would give you a little background on Kirsha and of course her inspiration behind her latest collection. No doubt Salasai will be a show stopper and we can’t wait to give you a full account on it!

Also check out the incredible “A Strange Love Project” Video Below!

A Strange Love Project from SALASAI on Vimeo.

– Where are you based?
– Where did you draw inspiration from for your current Spring Summer collection?
From the movie Delicatessen, a french movie based in the 1940’s about a strange couple who do strange things in a post apocalyptic phase, a dark comedy that is thought provoking.
– What are the pieces from the collection you are wearing this season?
Long pleated Society skirt, spotty house dress, estrange blazer – cropped sleeves
– How will you be spending your summer holidays this year
In Perth, WA which will be close to Indonesia so hopefully we get over for a few weeks !!
– What cant you live without over fashion week?
Salasai Viperess pant from SS09, morning smoothie of vanilla soy, orange juice, raspberries and banana, my animal skin creepers (shoes)…
– Describe your own style and your key summer trends you will be sporting this season?
My own style for this summer is long sheer pleat skirts with an old tee and summer open toe brogues…easy 
– What are your must see and dos for people travelling to Napier?
Pipis pizzaria, Aroha and Friends Design Store, Ocean Beach, Farmers markets on Sundays, Strawberry patch (pick your own)  in summer, Black Barn Gallery and winery restaurant, Opera Kitchen for brekky….

Check out Ponsonby’s hot mani’s…We want to look like them!

Remix does New York.

If you haven’t had a chance already, make sure you pick yourself up a copy of the latest Remix magazine – issue #70 ‘The New York’ edition. The issue has four different cover stars, our favourite being the above shot of mega kiwi babe Georgia Fowler. The issue is filled with sartorial goodness including an uber hot shoot styled by one of our friends, Natalie. Although Natalie works her magic from across the ditch, we were pleased to see her talents are worked amidst some of Superette’s own labels, including new season Alice McCall, Salasai and that Chronicles of Never leather jacket.


New York, we love you – and now Remix, we love you a little more too. Enjoy! x


Minnie me.

We’ve noticed a bit of a Minnie Mouse trend popping up for the winter season…From her red-and-white polka dot mini dress, black stockings, and over-sized yellow pumps, This little lady has been rockin the same outfit since 1930 and still looks cute…so she must be onto something good.

Some of our fave Minnie Mouse picks below…

Above: Minnie Cap Ring and Minnie Cap Pendant

 Above: Friend of Mine ‘I Love Lucy’ dress and Twenty Seven Names ‘Blue Print Spot’ Shirt

 Above: Alice McCall ‘Bye Bye Baby Bunting’ bodysuit and Salasai ‘Serene’ Dress

 Above: Salasai ‘Devoted Pant’ and Sass & Bide ‘Trapeze’ Tee

 Above: Friend of Mine ‘Winona’ Dress and ‘Santa Monica’ shirt

Salasai AW2011

We love this video showing a sneak peek of Salasai’s amazing Winter 2011 ‘Sacrificial Grace’ range so much we watched it twice. How good is the soundtrack!! Enjoy xx
P.s. We were actually milling about behind the scenes, shooting for The Superette Magazine on the day this video was shot. Check out our behind the scenes feature with Kirsha and the team below from the Magazine…